About Zuiderent

Zuiderent proactively advises organizations on their outsourcing and procurement projects with a strong focus on procurement of innovation and innovative procurement processes.

Niche specialist

Zuiderent specialises in supplying strategic consultancy as project manager outsourcing, CPO, procurement management. Zuiderent has knowledge of Vested Outsourcing (TM) Best Value Procurement, innovation partnerships and reorganizing procurement organizations to enhance (public) procurement of innovation. Thanks to its many years of experience in the purchasing and several markets, we are willing to take on any challenge providing we feel we can add value to your organisation. Zuiderent shows you the way in the world of outsourcing and procurement in practice and in policies. It knows the applicable legislation, rules and procedures as well as the do’s and dont’s of larger public and private organizations; you can be assured that the result will be an expert solution. Our approach?


Field of expertise:

  • Project management for outsourcing programs
  • strategic consultancy for procurement and purchasing
  • policy-advisor on innovative, sustainable and social aspects by using procurement as a means to add value to the board’s agenda


  • (semi) public organisations,
  • larger (inter) national companies


  • Europe


  • Project management
  • strategic consultancy for procurement
  • problem-solving sparring partner when projects reach (or threaten to reach) a deadlock
  • team player


professional network of experienced specialists such as

  • (business) controllers
  • lawyers and
  • contract managers

Would you like to learn more? Phone 0031 316 240328 or

send an email to info@zuiderent.nl


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